What to Expect from Therapy at Haus of Clarity:

Our clients can expect a warm, relaxing environment designed to provide emotional support and confidentiality for healing, recovery and growth - a refuge from the storms and difficult challenges of life.  The therapeutic relationship is collaborative, conversational and customized to meet your individual, couple or family needs through a variety of traditional and non-traditional approaches. We strive to provide each client proper guidance for gaining accurate understanding, incorporating healthy resources, accepting and resolving past experiences, and ultimately receiving support to improve the quality of your life and achieving your goals and highest potential. Our intention is to provide clients with an experience of compassionate, therapeutic care through connection, discussion, education, reflection, and honest expression of thoughts and feelings. 

During the therapy process, clients can expect to develop a toolbox of coping skills such as mindfulness, self-soothing methods, holistic approaches, self-care exercises and strategies to manage thoughts and emotions for achieving self-acceptance and resolution of troubling symptoms. Sometimes the therapeutic process is brief, while other times clients attend therapy for prolonged amounts of time according to their individual needs. One can expect to make behavioral changes, develop increased healthy connections with others, develop more productive thought processes, increase enjoyable activities, reduce nightmares, and develop a new-found calm demeanor.

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