Please read each item. Click on the check box beside each item you have experienced.

Have you experienced a terrible event that was so extreme that it drastically altered your life?
Do you have frequent nightmares, fight in your sleep, or wake up in a cold sweat?
Are there times when you re-live (or physically re-experience) distressing past events?
Do you have certain horrible memories that replay in your mind most days, or several times each week?
Did you develop a pattern of frequent anger, fights, arguments, or breaking things after experiencing an extreme or horrible event?
Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, don’t want to sleep, or are afraid to sleep?
Do you find that you almost never feel safe, feel the need to be on high alert for danger, sit with your back to the wall, or always watch the door?
Do you frequently worry, or run potential scenarios through your mind in order to be prepared for the worst, just in case it might suddenly happen?
Have you tried to forget extremely bad experiences, or tried to push certain memories out of your mind, but find that you can’t, or that they always return?
Have you used drugs or alcohol to get relief from bad memories, or tried to forget?
Do you find that sometimes you very quickly become irritable, angry, or aggressive but don’t know why?
Are there certain people, places, or situations you avoid because they remind you too much of extremely terrible experiences from the past?


If you checked 2 or more boxes, then there is a strong chance that you might have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Based on these results, we recommend that you get a formal evaluation for PTSD (or other trauma-related conditions). You can also take the first two PTSD classes to get more information about trauma and PTSD.